Earlier this year I stumbled onto a great GitHub repo: jbranchaud/til. This is a collection of Markdown files that capture some useful knowledge gained each day and organized in a way that makes it possible to find that knowledge later when it might be needed again. “TIL” is an acronym for “Today I Learned” and each note is referred to as a TIL.

The inspired part is publishing it on GitHub using the built-in Markdown rendering facility. This keeps it available and shares it with everyone. Version control is added goodness. It’s a brilliant idea.

Josh Branchaud has been pretty good about regularly adding to the repo and I think you’ll find it worth a look. And Josh notes that he saw the TIL idea elsewhere … but that doesn’t take anything away from what Josh is doing.

Of course, I’ve been keeping own notes—in scattered notebooks and various electronic forms and formats. Most of those notes have quickly become lost and forgotten, a fact that occasionally troubles me.

When I saw Josh Branchaud’s collection I knew this was a great way to keep my notes organized and available, and also share them with others. So I’ve made my own TIL repository: JeNeSuisPasDave/til.

I’ll be sharing some of the highlights here, in this blog, and posting when I add items to the repo.

Almost forgot: another benefit of using GitHub for this is that you can watch the TIL repository and get an email when something new gets added.