Git has been available on Windows systems for more than a few years, but it was generally available only through the creaky Windows CMD window, or through a Cygwin-like Bash window. Now that PowerShell is mature and gaining traction, it would be nice to use command-line Git from a PowerShell window.

Using a combination of the Git for Windows project’s installers and the posh-git project’s module, we can make Git available on a PowerShell command line. And we can have the nice informative command prompts, and Git command tab completion, that has long been available on Linux and OS X systems.

I’ve posted an update to my article, Using Git with PowerShell on Windows 10, with all the details of how to install Git for Windows and configure PowerShell command windows with a powerful and convenient command-line Git environment.

The updates to the article address issues with the PowerShell scripts and changes in the recent Git for Windows installers. To all who provided feedback in the comments, reporting issues and fixes – thank you!